• Support Healthy Ageing
  • Restore & Replenish Jing
  • Help Natural Rejuvenation Process


UB bio BIO-ACTIVE DEER PLACENTA is sourced only from New Zealand born & raised deer. Deer Placenta has been known for its rejuvenating effects on Jing, man’s fundamental life force. The higher the animal order the more resembles human placenta chemically,  thus DEER PLACENTA is accepted as the premier source of Bio-Active Deer Placenta. Take regularly, rejuvenate & nourish your body. Patent  processed peptidase Bio-Active Deer Placenta is made to be faster & higher absorption rate to optimize body health. 


  • Bio-Active Deer Placenta Extract, Soybean Oil, D-alpha tocopheral (Vitamin E as natural anti-oxidant)

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