UB bio Ltd. was established since 1988 and is a world leader in the 

processing of the highest quality

deer velvet products and healthy 



- UB bio Ltd. is a NZFSA certified New Zealand exporter and packing house, specialising in the manufacturing and processing of deer velvet, green lipped mussel, glucosamine, shark cartilage, and fruits, as human supplementary diets, and providing encapsulating, tabletting, extracting and freeze drying services.

- Established in 1988. UB bio Ltd. follows strict RMP (Risk Mana-gement Programme) to insure quality of products based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) management. The branded products are marketed both locally & inter- nationally. UB bio Ltd. is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in strict compliance with set guidelines from NZFSA and other statutory authorities . 

Key Products and Technologies


The freeze drying process along with patented method of manufacture delivers a high quality of natural nourishment

Powder products include

Green lipped mussel, Kiwifruit, Feijoa, Blackberry, Yoghurt, Bio-active deer velvet capsule

Tablet products include

Bio-active deer velvet, Green lipped mussel, Colostrum, Evening Primrose Oil, Omega3, Manuka velvet honey, Shark cartilage, Supplements for arthritis pain treatment (V-One, V-Power 25, V-Force), Glucosamine, Blackberry, Velvet tea (Yong cha) 

Technologies and services include

  • A patented process of fermented deer velvet:              Highest quality freeze-drying and extracting process- Special low  temperature process for no single essential nutrients loss

  • Encapsulating and Tabletting:

       Mincing, granulating & milling - bottling, bulk packing, shrink        wrapping, vacuum packing and labelling