• Immune Support
  • For Child’s Growth & Development
  • Contain Deer Velvet, IGF-1 Extract & Colostrum


UB bio I am QQ is a formulation of Bio-active DeerVelvet, Stag Serum, and rich Immune Factor Colostrumwith strawberry flavour. These contained ingredients,especially Bio-active Deer velvet and Stag Serum, work to support healthy growth and developmentof tissue and bone. Powder form of containedingredients in a simple stick, including a well balancedherb extract, supports overall health and makes it easierfor children to take. This can be also beneficial for supporting adult's immune health and energy metabolism.


TAPS: PP7348


  • Bio-Active Deer Velvet Extract, Colostrums, Stag Serum, Herb Extract, Dextrose, Lactose, Strawberry Flavor