• Increase Energy and Vitality
  • Improve Prostate Health
  • Support for Slow Metabolism & Sexual Dysfunction


UB bio HUGO Z is a unique combination of key exercise performance nutrients for men to regulate hormone levels and boost energy & stamina. It contains Freeze-dried Maca root, Bio-active velvet, Red ginseng, Saw palmetto, Octacosanol and other nutrients. These ingredients support prostate health, testosterone regulation, immunity and glandular system for men’s health. 


  • Freeze-Dried Maca Root(336mg), Red Ginseng (187mg), Saw Palmetto (140mg), Policosanol(24.5mg), Bio-active Velvet (16mg), Zinc Oxide, Pine Bark Powder, IgF-1(white blood), Stag Blood Powder, L-Alginine, Multi Vitamin,  Vitamin E , Herb Extract Powder, Freeze- Dried Yoghurt, Lycopene.

4 March Place, Belfast

Christchurch New Zealand


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